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Retail, E-tail & Wholesale Management Solutions.

An industry leader in the development of retail software solutions, Multidev delivers leading-edge innovative technology with advanced functionality that ensures the unification of all retail processes and operations.

Omni-channel Commerce Platform

ChainDrive is a complete end-to-end scalable Fully Integrated Cross-Channel Retail Management Solution that enables retailers to gain greater control over all of their Retail, e-Commerce and Wholesale business processes. From Point of Sale to Operations and Web Order Fulfillment all the way through to Financials and more, ChainDrive Retail Management Software delivers all of the functionality required to become a retail success!

Specifically designed and developed by retail and industry professionals, ChainDrive truly is an "Omni-Channel" commerce solution.

ChainDrive offers a unified set of integrated processes, one single source of data and provides a seamless approach to the customer experience regardless of their preferred channel.

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E-commerce & Order Management Solution

The e-comDrive solution, a first in its class, is a complete and fully-integrated Back-Office System exclusively designed and developed for the web retailer.

E-comDrive’s comprehensive suite of solution components offers all of the visibility and functionality required to manage and grow a successful e-commerce business within one system.

It’s a robust, reliable and revolutionary system that caters to the unique requirements of today’s web retailer, offering the most all inclusive advanced ecommerce software on the market.

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